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Information for AOL Users

If you are using the America Online's built-in browser, the images on this and other sites may not load clearly. AOL over compresses the graphics before they display on your screen. This greatly reduces the image quality. Following these easy steps changes your preferences to display images as they should be seen.

AOL Versions 6 and 7
For AOL Versions 6 and 7: Go to settings on your top tool bar, then choose Internet Properties (WWW), go to the Web Graphics and click Never compress graphics, then hit the apply button. Click ok and exit.

Next to use Real One Player FIRST (IMPORTANT) YOU MUST DISABLE "AOL MEDIA PLAYER." Do this by clicking "settings" on the very top of your AOL page, then choose "preferences" and click on MULTIMEDIA. UNCHECK box next to "use AOL Media player".

If you already have a Real Audio Player installed, Now try the to view a wedding. If not, download and install the free version of the RealOne Player here. Look for Free Real One Player in the top right hand side, click Free REALONE PLAYER, it will then take you to a second page. Look down on the right hand side of the menu and click on Download the RealOne Player Only. Once you have downloaded RealOne Player, please follow their step by step instructions for installation.

AOL Versions 5 and Lower
For AOL Versions 5 and under: Go to my AOL, preference, click on the WWW icon, first delete files (they are temp files and are not needed. Second go to settings, and under check for new stored pages, click every visit to page. Then click apply.

Then go to web graphics and un-click the use compressed graphics your pictures on the web browser will look better.

An alternative solution is to use another Web browser. Most likely Microsoft Internet Explorer is installed on your machine. If not, using AOL 3.0 or higher, download and install Netscape or Internet Explorer. When you open AOL, you will also need to launch Netscape or Internet Explorer separately.

If you do not wish to download and install real player you can view our weddings via TLC, the Discovery channel or Earthcam. Please note, these are live pictures of our chapel do not have sound, and our pictures broadcasted every 5 seconds.

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