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Even if you've eloped in Vegas, your friends and family can view your nuptials from any location world-wide, live on our Wedding Chapel Streaming Webcams.

You can choose to have your ceremony posted on our website in our monthly archives for 3 months so that friends and family can view your wedding. Please note that our time zone is Pacific Standard Time and this web cam does not have sound. If you wish to view sample weddings, click here.

View Sample Weddings
We have a number of sample weddings online for you to watch right now. Click here view sample wedding videos.

Additional Web Cams
We have additional live streaming web cams for our other chapels and our gazebo. Click here for instructions and information on how to view these web cams.

Wedding Archives
If the wedding party chose to archive their ceremony online, it will be available for you to view anytime for up to three months. Wedding ceremonies are posted to our website between 48 and 72 hours after the event. Please click here to check the archives for the ceremony you wish to view.

AOL Users
Special instructions exist for AOL users. Click here to learn more.

Additional Information

*Note: The web cam is not included with all wedding packages. Please check the list of included options with each package or ask any of our helpful staff at the time of booking. The live web cam does not have sound. For sound options with our other streaming web cams, you will need to download RealPlayer. Click here for more information on RealPlayer.

**Due to network connections, real audio speeds may vary depending on network congestion and your ISP connection.  We are not responsible for network outages, computer grimlims, power outages or acts of god that may interfere with our live web streams.

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