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Little Chapel in Las Vegas

Wedding Video Samples

To view our live 24 hour web cam click here.

You will need to download RealOnePlayer to view our weddings and when clicking on the Main Chapel or Our Little Chapel banners and Video samples of weddings. Please be aware real player offers different versions of their product. download and install the free version of the RealOne Player here. Look for Free Real One Player on the right hand side, click FREE REALONE PLAYER, it will then take you to a second page. Look down on the right hand side of the menu and click on Download the RealOne Player Only. Once you have downloaded RealOne Player, please follow their step by step instructions for installation.

To have your guest watch you wedding live please click here for additional information to watch our live streams from our Chapels . If you plan to archive your wedding ceremony or have a CD made it will only be played using RealOnePlayer or RealPlayer.

On holidays (Valentines Day) and special occasions we will have two different web cams running, one in our Main Chapel and the other will be in our Little Chapel. Please be sure to tell your guest which chapel you will be in, and if you do have questions please contact the chapel. Thank you

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